October Goals – What’s On the List?

sleeping catTwo months have come and gone since I set myself those five seemingly reasonable goals. If you fancy a read, click here. This being said, I of course only managed half of them…sort of. Classic. As much as I would have loved to treat them as equally important, that wasn’t the case at all. I mean, your girl has got to eat (and buy those Vans that everyone and their mom are wearing). October goals.

Jokes aside, my “career” goal got the better of me, completely running my other objectives into the ground. I couldn’t stop thinking about the next application, the next interview, the next rejection letter. I was utterly consumed to the point where I couldn’t fall asleep without distracting myself with a podcast or something. We’ve all gone through this at some point I’m sure (unless you’re one of those Godlike people who have jobs in Berlin) so apologies if this sounds whiny. It really is a funny thing to sell yourself to possible future employers. A real-life skill if you ask me!

In the end, I did manage to land a job in which I can work from home so I am a very happy bunny!

Now, in regards to the other goals, I’ve decided that moving forward, I’ll implement a one-out-one-in system. This way, it won’t feel too overwhelming and it will give me a little kick up the backside to complete and replace a task that has been dingle-dangling on the list for too long. It’ll also be a nice way to see how my priorities shift from one month to the next. October goals.

cat at the window

To recap, Here is where we’re at:

  1. Career: Find a job – Since I not only found a job but also signed up to daily German classes, my replacement goal will be to establish a routine. A little vague I know but since I haven’t yet started my classes, I’m not too sure what to expect.
  2. Blog: Write 5 blog posts a month – I was able to write 4, so not too shabby but there’s definitely room for improvement. I’ve really enjoyed writing about different topics, however, as well as putting more thought into the pictures accompanying the writing. On this note, shout out to Pauli the cat for modelling. I feel he truly embodies what it means to succeed in life! Keeping in line with my realistic goal setting, if I can write another 12 posts before the end of the year, that’d be cool too.
  3. Poetry: Learn Baudelaire’s Correspondance – This was a complete disaster and I have no excuse. On the list, it stays!
  4. Reading: Read more – I think I managed to read less than six pages in two months which is utterly embarrassing. This one is staying for sure!
  5. Running: Run 6km – I didn’t quite manage this one. Admittedly, I lost touch with this goal in September. I blame the shortening days, but really my laziness took over. Last week was the Berlin Marathon, a completely mind-blowing and inspiring event to witness! If they can run 40km +, then 6km isn’t too much to ask.

We’ve got this October! Let’s cross those goals off that list!

One eyed cat

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