Comfort Eating: Crepe Recipe

crepe with maple syrup
fresh crepe

We all have a dish that our mums taught us growing up, that with each bite come a hug from within. A meal that can be eaten day or night, rain or shine, happy or miserable. For me, that’s crêpes. I remember fondly learning how to make them with my brother, bringing the mixing bowl into the living room to my mom so she could eyeball if we used the right quantities and if the batter’s viscosity was on point. Crepe recipe.

Since then, I’ve taken it upon myself to test out different variations, although never straying too far from the original. I think I found a combination that works pretty well. This said, it’s not super traditional nor is it vegan, so apologies in advance!

french crepe ingredients
crepe batter
  • In a large mixing bowl, sift in the dry ingredients. You can of course chuck everything in, but you risk having clumps which isn’t ideal in this case. We’re not making mashed potatoes here people!
  • Create a little well in the center using some sort of spherical utensil. Crack in the eggs, vanilla, and orange blossom water.
  • Get your whisk out and start mixing it all together, starting with the center and gradually adding the flour from the outer perimeter. Before you get too carried away (you only want the wet ingredients to be well combined at this point) and you batter looks more like dough, start adding in some milk little by little. I find that if I don’t have enough, or I want a lighter batter, I’ll add a cup or so of milk and then switch to water.
  • Once the batter reaches the consistency of Bailey’s – a tad more fluid than properly stirred paint, add in the olive oil. This will prevent the batter from sticking to your pan without adding butter between each crêpe. After incorporating this last ingredient, let the whole thing settle. An hour will do the trick but if hunger’s calling, by all means, get your pan out.
crepe recipe
  • Before ladling up the batter, you may want to add in a little more liquid. The rested mixture will have thickened quite a bit. Also, if you feel as though your crêpes are too thin, add more liquid.
crepe preparation
  • Heat the pan well. If not, the batter will stick and be tough to flip. You may also want to dab a little olive oil on a piece of kitchen roll and give the surface of the pan a nice rub. This can be done every few crêpes to keep it nice and fresh.
  • All there is to do now is to pour in some batter into the pan’s center. Move it around until the entire surface is covered. When I feel I’ve been to generous, I simply tip the excess back into my bowl.
  • Leave the fist side to cook for a couple of minutes on medium high heat, or until it starts to bubble and you can easily pass your spatula underneath. If the crêpe starts to rip, leave it a little longer. Remember, it takes practice and the fist one is always a little unsexy. From here it’s up to you to gauge the thickness, the heat, and the cooking time. I prefer mine on the floppy and thin side, other may prefer a richer golden brown colour.
french crepe recipe

That’s pretty much it! Since there isn’t a load of sugar in the mixture, you can easily add some savoury toppings when cooking the second side (ham and cheese, spinach-tomato-mushrooms etc.). Alternatively, they can be enjoyed warm or cold with an array of sweet delicious goodness – butter and sugar, lemon and sugar, Nutella and anything, maple syrup etc. But, I’m sure you don’t need any more suggestions in that department! crepe recipe.

crepe recipe

I hope you enjoyed and will try this one out yourself. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment bellow if you have. And just remember, when life lets you down, this recipe won’t! Cheers! crepe recipe.

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