Summer Wardrobe: Things I didn’t Need but Wanted

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Ah Summer, the time of the year where you get to swap out your chunky sweaters and thick socks for breezy blouses and sun hats. To my delight, summer came quite early to Berlin this year – I’m talking 30 Celsius in April! Now, it’s been a few months since, which is my justification for the cumulation of clothing items that have made their way into my wardrobe.

Linen Trousers

Let start things off at the bottom. Much like every year, easy-breezy linen has been absolutely everywhere this summer, and for good reason. Lightweight and breathable, the plant-based fibre is ideal for the warmer months, both on casual days and as a workwear option.

These two pairs of trousers from Uniqlo are exactly the same, differing obviously in colour. They’re 52% linen and 48% cotton, have an elastic waistband at the back, as well as generous pockets. This style, much like everything in Uniqlo, is available in a plethora of (neutral) colours, so you can take your pick. 


This last pair is from Benetton and has quickly become my “feelin’ fancy” pants. I was immediately drawn to this bright emerald green. Though equally as comfortable as the previous two, this pair has a more tailored cut yet no zipper or buttons, so you simply slide in. They weren’t overly expensive for 100% linen, but the tag does say “made in Bangladesh” which annoyingly probably explain why. 

Shapeless Dresses

Next up, the shapeless dress. When it comes to dresses, the billowier and baggier the better. In this heat, the last thing I want is something formfitting and clingy. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a cinched in wrap dresses, but lately, I can never bring myself to wear anything remotely restrictive. The implications are simply too high: maintaining a good posture, not eating as much Pesto Pasta Salad out of fear the waistband will cut me in half. No thanks! 

On the material front, there isn’t really one fabric I’ve been preferring to another. As long as nothing is irritating or requires dry cleaning of course. Here, for instance, we have lightweight wool, denim, synthetic and linen-cotton blends. Since the silhouettes are all simple, playing around with cloth is a great way, not only to add some interest to “the look” but also, to explore the different levels of formality. 

In regards to where I got them all, a few are thankfully closet rediscoveries from seasons passed, or thrift store finds. Others, like the olive green and the cream dresses, are in tune with the title of this post, as they were recent purchases from Zara.



Moving on to knits. Over the past couple of years, my interest in knitting has been revived. No thanks, my wonderful hobbyist mother, who knit the shift dress above. Although I have made a couple of sweaters which I love, cotton tank tops are my jam. They’re so easy to make, don’t require a lot of yarn and aren’t that laborious to complete. Best of all, they last well and are surprisingly breathable. 

What’s more, these tops are an ideal way of experimenting with different necklines and stitches without investing too much time or money. And let’s face it, there are only so many scarfs one can, or wants to make!

Pops of Red

Finally, the statement colour. I know I’m a little late to the party, yellow being the new “it” colour (thanks Meghan Markle!) but I can’t help being drawn to all things red. It has me channelling my inner badass boss lady and I’m absolutely loving it!  

And there we have it. A little peek into my summer wardrobe. Thanks for reading!

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