Give Me a Holiday Break

Usedom Holiday break
Prague canal holiday

As the title may suggest, I really need a holiday break. Motivation levels are low, irritability is high and overall exhaustion is slowly creeping up on me. The problem is, I’m not too sure when I’ll be able to take a little R&R. If I do, I suspect it won’t be for another couple of months. 

So, in order to avoid drowning myself in self-pity and ultimately crack, I’m going to keep things positive and look back at last summer’s holiday breaks. A nice mix of denial and reminiscence never hurt, am I right?

A Weekend in Prague

Prague holiday break
It’s hard to believe over a year has passed since hopping on that green Flixbus to Prague for a well deserved weekend getaway. As a first real step out of Berlin, it was more than I could have hoped for. It completely revived my sense of urban curiosity. Like in the majority of European cities, there is something marvellous at every turn and an incredible story waiting to be told on every corner.

Prague holiday break
Foodwise, we sadly didn’t give any of the traditional meals a chance as it was so darn hot. Potato and meat-based dishes just didn’t spark joy. However, we did indulge in what is probably considered to be the most important thing to come out of the Czech kitchen: beer! How absolutely delightful to end a day of learning and exploring, by the pier with a tall glass of Pilsner in hand. 
Speaking of learning, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around everything that took place in the city. From music to religion, from film making to local culture and history, there is no way to visit Prague and not leave with a head-spinning with knowledge. 

Escape to the Sea, Usedom

Usedom Holiday

Later on in the summer, we hit the country roads all the way north to the sea. By far one of the most blissfully German experiences to date! By night we pitched our tent in a woodsy campsite surrounded, as one can only expect, the most efficient camping setups known to man. That alone was unreal. Should the apocalypse ever hit, these campers will be prepared!

In the morning, we made our way to the beach where we enjoyed a seaside breakfast. Once our Strandkorb was rented, the agenda consisted of: snoozing, reading, cooling off in the not-so-salty-sea and eating ice cream. What could actually be better?

One of the rather fun bits (apart from the fact it’s basically a retirement colony so everything is super chill and slow paced, which we were living for) is that Usedom resides in both Germany and Poland. That meant we were able to walk into Poland on the beach! 


Usedom beach Holiday

If that weren’t enough, the cherry on Sunday was, without a doubt, ending the trip in a restaurant full of German football fans watching the French take home the world cup. Allez Les Bleus! It’s as if the universe was congratulating us for going on vacation!  Here’s to the next holiday break (hopefully soon)!

Usedom pier Holiday

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