Spring-Summer Goals 2019

Here we are setting ourselves some Spring-Summer goals. If you’ve read my last post, you’ll know that motivation has been lacking in my life like condiments on a McDonald’s burger. After granting myself permission to be in a foul mood over the last two weeks, I’m finally (kinda) ready to move onto the let’s-be-positive-and-be-our-own-source-of-motivation phase. 

And, like with anything, that means starting by writing a list. Some simple goals which require minimal effort and hopefully will bring joy while making me think I’m achieving things. I’m using reverse psychology on myself basically. 

Run 7,5 km in Under 40 Minutes

No less than last Friday did I manage something which would have outright  horrified my teenaged self. I actually voluntarily participated in a 5km relay marathon and finished in roughly 31 minutes! Incredible, I know! Since then, I went on another run and shaved off two entire minutes, reaching a personal best of 5km in 29,01 minutes. Now, I totally get the hype and I’m hooked. 

Before the summer is over, I’ve decided to work towards 7,5km in 40 minutes. Naturally, to be able to do 10km without stopping would also be fantastic, but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself just yet, pun intended. 

Read a Book, Just One

We can all relate to this one, correct? I’ve stopped trying to ‘read 12 books in a year’ because there’s only so much self-induced disappointment I can handle. A colleague did however very kindly lend me a book so now I have an external pressure. It’s a novel I’ve been meaning to read for years so I’m very much looking forward to start! Maybe tomorrow?

Boogie to Some Live Tunes

This one is a little bit of a cheat as Fête de la Musique is fast approaching and Berlin will soon be flooded with live performances. 

Regardless, I’d like to intentionally go see a band or musical act perform on some sort of stage and sing along to familiar lyrics. Perhaps even purchase a ticket to a concert, something I can only remember doing twice, which makes me a little sad. 

Go on a Cycling Rampage

Now that a monthly BVG ticket sits in my wallet, cycling hasn’t been as frequent a means of getting around the city as in past years. For this reason, I want to make more of an effort to cycle as it’s so darn fun! 

Last weekend we peddled over to Tempelhofer Feld where I properly zoomed around for the first time on a fancy, hipster single speed. Holy moly did my ego ever inflate! Trying to describe the feeling of sheer power and elation would be a waste of time, you simply have to try it yourself. Not to mention just how utterly cool you feel! 

The only problem is: now an urge to peruse through the bike flea market is itching at my toes. In any case, this outing definitely sparked an appetite to get back on the saddle. 


Make Caramel or Something Frustrating

Finishing off on a rather random goal, that of challenging myself in the kitchen. Watching Claire from Bon Appetite make caramel made me want to try my hand at it. Though,  without a proper thermometer, I’m not convinced I’ll reach an acceptable result. Perhaps a hollandaise or something else which would test my patience? Learning how to cut an onion properly maybe? The verdict is still out on that one, so I’ll keep you posted. 

There we are! Spring-Summer goals are set and waiting excitedly to be ticked off, much like this pigeon waiting to take flight. I hope this helped in the motivation department, if ever you too were hit by this strange wave of lackluster!  

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