Things to Google When You Get Home

I don’t know about you lovely reader, but the Notes app on my phone is nothing short of a dumping ground of random thoughts I’m saving for later. Ranging from recipes ideas and song titles to “Aha-moments” and recommendations, they all were crucial to write down…at some point. The extraordinarily obvious thing is, I only check my notes when I want to add something in, never to check back on what’s already there. 

So why not do just that? I recently went home to Toronto and Montreal where I didn’t have cellular data. Why you may ask? Because now that I’ve tasted EU data prices, I’d prefer to burn my money than to pay for data in Canada, but I digress. So, this leads to me frantically jotting down things I wanted to Google once back in a WiFi zone. I’m now back in Berlin, and haven’t looked at my notes since, so this will definitely be promising.

Kotn, Anupaya Hats

First up, Kotn. I think my friends recommended this brand as we gushed over other sustainable brands over a glass of wine while sitting in a sunny park. Kotn crafts beautiful basics made of Egyptian cotton. The cuts are clean, elegant and ageless and come in all the beloved neutral tones. For any fans of How it’s Made, take a look at the traceability section of their website. Here they breakdown the production line, from sourcing the cotton to the distribution process. Overall a great step in the right direction where transparency is concerned. 

Anupaya. Hats aren’t the only product available on their website but for me, they are a definite standout. Canadian made and 100% wool, their felt wide brim hats are simply beautiful objects. 

Another brand with a conscience, Anupaya commit themselves to taking care of the surrounding natural environment with their One Pound Promise initiative. 


The Guilty Feminist

Surprise! A podcast recommendation. I don’t think I shared my love for podcasts on here but to anyone who knows me in real life, I can barely shut up about them.

From what I read, The Guilty Feminist seems right up my street. An open and honest discussion on a variety of subjects on which I also undoubtedly have opinions. I can’t wait for Monday to roll around to add it to my daily commute podcast rotation. 

Mescal, Bitters, Fernet

This trio was obviously the result of going bar hopping in Kensington Market on Pedestrian Sunday. In my attempt to be a sophisticated adult, I want to learn more about cocktails and the subtleties of different spirits and liqueurs. 

Behind me are the days of taking shots of cheap vodka and chasing it with a mouth full of Tropicana orange juice. I want drink that will take me on a rich and flavourful journey. I want to make the most of my hangover after all.

Hipster Berlin Grandpa, the Rolling Rolling Biscuit song

I have no idea what the conversation was centred around when either of these two topics were written down but boy is it fun to Google them now! Günther Krabbenhöft, a.k.a. Berlin’s hipster grandpa emulates the very energy of what I can only hope to have at his age. I’ll leave it at that so as not to deprive you of the joy of gazing at him for the first time. 

As for the rolling rolling biscuit song, that would refer to Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’ song. I’m impressed Google was able to stir me in the right direction with that search! I can’t say this song is up my alley but good to know rap and rock once came together in this way.

Google, you wonderful keeper of knowledge, you never cease to amaze me! 

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