Managing Expectations: the Podcast

Managing Expectations

It is quite surreal to finally be writing about this. We launched a podcast! As many great things do, this project started over wine and pasta, at a time where spirits weren’t the highest. Searching for a creative outlet, allowing  my brilliant co-host Zoe and I to stay connected as our paths started to diverge, Managing Expectations was born.

In a nutshell, life unexpectedly brought Zoe and I to Berlin a few years ago. Since arriving, however, our journeys could not be more different. That’s the beauty of this city: no matter what you’re looking for, it has the power to give you exactly what you need. The game changing factor is how you choose to take it all in. 

That being said, our podcast explores the triumphs and shortcomings of life in Berlin. All the whilst, coming to grips with the idea that sometimes, expectations are better left unmet. In each episode, we uncover a fundamental aspect of Berlin life and share how we navigated though each situation. 

We don’t take ourselves too seriously but hope to nevertheless help manage your expectations and provide some giggles. Episodes will be released on Spotify and iTunes every two weeks.

A huge thanks to everyone who listened and for the continuous support, our hearts are so full! 

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