Some Memorable Meals Eaten in 2019

There is little I love more in this life than eating. A sensorial activity that just so happens to be intrinsically connected to how we sustain ourselves. What an absolutely spectacular coincidence, no? To celebrate the fact that over the past year, my plate has hosted a plethora of edible goodness, I wanted to take a look at some memorable meals of 2019.

Break the Fast

Starting off with brunch no less. In the past year, I’ve reignited my love for brunch, no thanks to some fabulous friends, as eager as I to try the latest and greatest Berlin has to offer. Luckily for us, there’s no shortage of cool new places to discover, although, hardly any of them take reservations. Some have been worth the wait, while others seem to put more thought into their wallpaper than their food. But, who am I kidding, I looove a good wallpaper! 

I have to say that having lived in Toronto and Montreal, where brunch is the weekend sport of most, I have developed somewhat of a distorted sense of entitlement when it comes to brunch. 


If you ask my parents, the entitlement goes way beyond this but I digress. I don’t think my expectations are wildly out of touch, but I want to be wowed. I want a spectacle of colour and excitement served to me on a beautiful plate. If you can relate and are in or going to be passing Berlin, here are some honourable mentions:

Le Bon, Lula am Markt, Allans Breakfast Club, Factory Girl, Geist im Glass.

Street Nibbles

Street food for a street mood. As grey and miserable as Berlin gets in the winter, it explodes with life in summer. As you stroll through most  neighbourhoods, everyone is out enjoying the sunlight as the terraces spill out onto the sidewalks. The smells and the colours are something else! Along with this, there are a number of festivals and outdoor events where music and food are at the forefront. 

Karnaval der Kulturen is a fantastic way to eat your way around the world. When we went, we had one objective in mind – eat things we don’t cook at home and that are seasoned to perfection. We choose tenderlicious jerk chicken and home made empanadas. Needless to say, our tummies were rumbling with delight! On a side note, why are things wrapped in carbs infinitely better than they would be on their own? 

Home Cooked

Something I skipped out on for a few months admittedly, but that I  enjoyed tremendously. Albeit rough sometimes, after a long day to feel inventive and stray away from a go-to meal. It was a treat to add new recipes to the ol’ arsenal. 

For instance, in a previous post I mentioned wanting to make a layered cake which, I’m pleased to report, I managed on a couple occasions. Additionally, a colleague taught me how to make these jackfruit burritos – complete game changers. Not only were they delicious and easy, but are a great plant based option. I can’t wait to make them again soon (and some more fresh pesto)!


Next up, Pizza! Where to even begin with Pizza? I feel as though I’ve dedicated my summer to eating this flat delicious sphere of goodness. Uncovering its magic bite by bite. 

It’s funny because it’s such a common food that its complexity sometimes falls by the wayside. So much goes into it – dough, sauce, cheese, toppings. Consequently, at any stage can the final result be compromised. 

If you have some time on your hands, check our Bon Appetit’s Making Perfect series. In it, 6 chefs break down the different schools of thought and create the “perfect” pizza.


Honourable mentions for pizza in Berlin: La Pizzeta, Zola, Malafemmena, Ron Telesky Canadian Pizza and Papà Pane di Sorrento.


Sweet Treats

Finishing with dessert, obviously. Although, a family friend swears by eating dessert first to make sure hunger won’t be waisted on something savoury. I think she’s onto something…

To keep things rather short and sweet, my love for desserts knows no bounds. I consider sitting in the corner of a cozy cafe savouring a slice of cake and a warm beverage a hobby in itself. 

This said, however soothing being on the receiving end of a sweet treat is, making something from scratch for others to enjoy is otherworldly. I can’t express what baking has done for my mind. A sweet escape from my head for a couple of hours, using my hands to create something shareable and that can count as an accomplishment in times where nothing is going to plan. 

Some honourable recipe recommendation: Chocolate chip cookies, Apple cakecrêpes and lemon drizzle cake

Those were some memorable meals of this years. I hope you had plenty as well. Thanks for reading! 

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