My 2019 Ta-Da List: a Year Accomplished

It’s the end of another year, another decade. So much has happened it’s exhausting. To think, that 2010 was the year Greece received a huge bailout,  Wikileaks happened, Canada hosted the Olympic winter games, Ke$ha’s Tik Tok was the number one song and people were getting rid of their flared jeans. Insane, right? It seems like it happened only a couple of years ago. Thank goodness Wikipedia keeps track of everything

This, along with everyone on IG being all nostalgic, inspired me to create my 2019 Ta-Da list. Contrary to a To-Do, a Ta-Da celabrates the things already accomplished – making one feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Without further waffling, here are a few highlights of the part year, in the microcosm that is my life (egocentricity has gone nowhere), I wish to remember.

Spent some Quality Time with the Fam

While living away from family isn’t the easiest venture, thankfully with today’s technology, the distance isn’t as unbearable. Last year I went back to Toronto on a couple of occasions which was truely lovely and grounding. Just getting to enjoy a home cooked meal, sitting in silence in the same room or hugging loved ones is so underrated. I hope to keep this up in 2020.

Made Fantastic Friends

2019 was also the year of making friends. Sadly it was at the top of my yearly goal list, but 12 months later it has successfully been crossed off. When thinking of “adulting” most often taxes, visa applications, mortgages come to mind. Making friends never seems to make the list as it’s so effortless as a child. This year has been a lesson in never underestimating how challenging making friends as an adult can be. 

Launched a Podcast

Have I mentioned my friend Zoe and I launched a podcast called Managing Expectations? I may never stop harping on about it and I won’t apologise for it. It has served as the most amazing passion project, putting our creativity and pragmatism to the test. Now, we have more ideas for the next seasons bubbling than a champagn glass can contain. 

Managing Expectations

Watched all of RuPaul’s Drag Race

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it did take some dedication. But you know what they say, when you love what you’re watching, it’s no effort at all! Jokes aside, RPDR has changed me. I’ve watched it on and off over the years but never before binged entire seasons. 

Now, it’s my number one recommended show ever (Schitt’s Creek takes 2nd). Not only did it provide a window of positivity and happyness at the end of a long day, but also made me reevaluate and appreciate my privilege. There are so many adversities that I will never  face just because I was born the way I was. Something to think about, and remember. 

Ran a 5km Race

Last but not least, my 2019 Ta-Da list wouldn’t be complete without celabrating the fact I ran a 5km race. Lazy past Lisa would hardly beleive this would happen but here we are. Admittedly, it wouldn’t have been as easy, or possible, without running buddies with whom to train and share tips. Now, I’m preparing for the Berlin Half Marathon and actually think I could hobble my way to the finishline. 

New balance running shoe

Some honourable mentions:

  • Tried Ice dipping in Plötzensee.
  • Explored Barcelona and the Costa Brava on a work retreat.
  • Tried spinning and got seriously hooked.
  • Voted for the first time in the EU elections.
  • Welcomed a gorgeous singlespeed bike into my life.
  •  Invested in the Berlin food scene, a.k.a. ate lots of delicious food.
  • Got bangs.

And just like that, the year is over and another begins. I hope you all had an eventful one and wish you all the best in 2020. 

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