Content Rapid-fire: 5 Pieces of Internet Content You Need

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Here’s a little content rapid-fire for you. Five things I loved on the Internet this week that may interest someone else!

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Understanding what animal testing, sustainability, green and clean beauty really entail.

2. Shoe Deconstruction with Rose Anvil

Learn all about the different quality grades of today’s most popular shoes. What are they made of and are they worth the price? 

A comprehensive resource expanding the historical narrative of fashion and shedding light on the misrepresentation within the industry.

Beyoncé September Vogue
Photo credit: Tyler Mitchel for Vogue
Mansu's Laundry Shop
Photo credit: @wantshowasyoung Instagram

The owners of this Taiwanese laundromat are serving all the looks courtesy of patrons who have left behind their unpaid drycleaning. 

The cycling buddy you won’t be able to commute without. Countless city maps available, each one adapted for every cycling persona. Looking to rediscover your city? Check out one of their many tours!

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