Google These Random Things When You Get Home Part 2

Here we go for part two of random things I made note of googling once in reach of a WiFi network. If you missed the first installment, I’ll link it here

Still in Canada at the moment and categorically refuse to pay stupid money for a sim card and data plan. Especially, seeing as I’m spending very little time outside of the house because of Miss Rona. Consequently, on the off chance I do venture out, I’m making full use of my old detective notebook I found in a drawer to jot down questions to ask Google. Not to omit that, of course, it’s like so nice, to like, disconnect and like, be in the moment, you know? So, here we go for part two of random things I made note of googling once in reach of a WiFi network. 

Mind Maps

I’m holding social media responsible for this first random topic, which downright contradicts what I said above as one obviously needs the Internet to use social media. However, sometimes interrupting your scrolling flow is just not an option.

The concept of a mind map isn’t completely unfamiliar but only until recently, did I dive deeper into its real-life applications. This TedTalk by Hazel Wagner, a specialist in the subject, is by far the most comprehensive guide I found. 

In a nutshell, mind mapping turns traditional learning and memorization on its head in the most ironic way. It bases itself on the principle that remembering through understanding, rather than memorising to re-transcribe, will allow you to retain information long term. It does so by creating a branch-like visualisation of concepts and ideas in relation to each other. If only we applied this principle in high school right?

Lac Ontario beach view on a sunny day

The difference between a plant and a factory

Could you explain the difference? Because when I was asked about it recently, I was confident I could distinguish them. Yet, as my explanation progressively left the comfort of my brain the less sense it made (as sooo many things do!). Thank goodness for Google! Broadly speaking, a factory is where things are manufactured, like furniture, objects etc. A plant is where raw materials are sourced and refined, like the nuclear power plant in the Simpsons. Interesting, I know! 

Bill Gates dancing and toe beans

On recommendation, I googled Bill Gates dancing. And now, here I am passing on the message to anyone looking for some pure, relatable and understated content. It is hands down the best thing you’ll consume all day (or maybe I’m being biased as we are pretty much dancing kindred spirits).

Next, toe beans. Did I miss an important week in my education? Because, until very recently, I was not familiar with the term. It’s embarrassing, to say the least. To define a toe bean here would almost certainly be patronizing since I’m sure anyone reading this knows all about this soft, padded perfection. However, if only to remind myself should I one day forget, toe beans refer to a cat’s padded foot area on which it stands and from which its claws retract. 

Lac Ontario beach view on a sunny day

Bitters and giant scrunchies

Along with making sourdough bread – my starter’s name is Moira for anyone asking –  quarantine inevitably guided me towards cocktails. Who knew ice could be so complex? And that bitters could drastically change a drink’s essence in a as little as a dash? Absolutely fascinating! 

Last but not least are giant scrunchies. Serving a little fashion for desert. I absolutely love how giant to the point of unpractical this trend is. The fact the colour peaks out from behind your hair and as you turn your head BAMB! blasts you with an injection of colours. 

Happy googling random things friends!

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